Elite Model Look 2017

23908What makes a truly iconic face in fashion? The art of modelling is as elusive as it is stunningly obvious when done right – the combination of expression, a control of your body, and disciplined hard work. Model casting continues to take a variety of ever-morphing forms—from competitions to TV shows to street style casting—but while the idea of what “beauty” might have expanded in the last decade, being a good model is still pretty neatly defined. This week, the most prestigious global model competition Elite Model Look came to a dramatic close in Milan, where 63 finalists from all over the world, and of both genders, competed for a moment in the spotlight as well as a sought-after modelling contract with agency Elite. Founded in 1983, the hugely media-covered competition has over the years discovered some of the best names in the industry including Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bundchen, Lara Stone and Alessandra Ambrosio. The competition still holds importance in the industry, offers Uffe Buchard, founder and editor-in-chief of DANSK, who attended the Milan finale earlier in the week. “It might be considered old-fashion to stage a modeling competition, but it works nonetheless! I know from experience, that we’ll see several of these models having their “break through season” in the coming fashion weeks in January, February, and March. I certainly know I’ve looked into the eyes of several of the big models of the future, and know too that I’ll be using several of these talents in coming issues of DANSK,” he explained. This year, the 15 winners included stunning and diverse faces from across the world, including the 16 year-old Mustafa from India and Denmark’s own Mona, 15 (pictured below)


The two overall winners were Antonio from Brazil and Valeria C from Russia (above), but honorary mentions should also go to Renée from Holland, Joachim from Denmark, Siggi from Iceland, and Nana from Ukraine (below). The future will reveal their trajectories in the industry, which is not all about “looking interesting,” asserts Buchard. Casting diversity, which is generally good, has the inverse effect of watering down a notion of iconic beauties in fashion, replacing uniqueness with bland averageness. “Personally, I’m tired of the idea that any Tom, Dick, and Harry could become models today. A model should be a visual icon – a visual representation of the times – and should be so aspiring and exciting, that others should aspire to it. Those kinds of models are long-lasting.”

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