COS Re-opens Copenhagen Flagship

_Q6A9160Copenhageners, rejoice! If you haven’t noticed, shopping is getting persistently better in the Danish capital. As reported by several media, Copenhagen has in recent years seen an influx in tourists with heavy wallets and a taste for luxury, particularly Chinese, as they decide to swap Paris for a more quaint Scandinavian adventure. Strøget, the main shopping street of the inner city, has seen a recent boost in high-profile fashion players, from Prada to Hermès opening prominent stores around the iconic Storkespringvandet. High street fashion, meanwhile, continues to thrive in what is perhaps the most democratic fashion country in the world, accurately exemplified in the popularity of COS, the Swedish high end high street chain and little sister of H&M, lauded for their timeless designs and respect for quality. It was a blow when COS temporarily closed down their Østergade flagship location earlier this year, but as promised, it was only to return in a much more spectacular manner. The building has undergone a full renovation in recent months, and have resulted in even more space to dynamically explore the world of COS. Particularly the menswear floor is hard to recognize, now boasting bigger lounge and fitting areas wherein to make up your sartorial mind. All held in strict aesthetic codes with respect to the Nordic minimalism for which the ever-evolving brand is known and loved. “We launched COS in Copenhagen with the Østergade location 10 years ago, and now we’re very excited to present this newly revitalized space,” commented Marie Honda, CEO of COS, last week.

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