Cartier Takes Copenhagen

The prestigious and historical French jewellery maison Cartier has announced its first store opening on Copenhagen soil. The opening will mark the second Scandinavian boutique, since the opening of a boutique in Stockholm, Sweden, last year. According to Cartier, Copenhagen is the “perfect city” for such an opening with its merge between history, tradition and courage to keep moving forward, values that have kept the French jewellery maison above relevant for buyers in over 170 years. The boutique will be located on the famous pedestrian street Strøget, and will comprise more than 200m2 of French exclusivities exhibited in a blend of Parisian elegance and Danish hygge. This will be implemented via wooden materials, Danish furniture and natural colors. The arrangement between Danish modesty and Parisian elegance is expected to be one of its kind and ready for clients at the end of the year.

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