Arv: The Return of Maikel Tawadros

There’s nothing we love more than a good comeback: Britney, Paula Abdul, and in fashion, John Galliano, are some of our favorite cultural heroes, but we were equally ecstatic when we heard about the scheduled return of Maikel Tawadros. The former Annhagen designer and graduate from  Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design rose to fame back in 2014, and was quickly nominated for the DANSK Design Talent Award. Yet, after five years and 10 seasons in the industry, the Danish designer bowed out due to financial hardship – taking a much-deserved break to re-think his sartorial vision. The outcome is Arv, which launches this week during Copenhagen Fashion Week. When Tawadros found an danish military shirt from 1986 at a flea market, his creativity was sparked, and he set out to to capture the impeccable tailoring and everlasting elegance of the piece in an accessible form. With an eye on styles of the past, and an eye on sustainability to ensure our future, arv “seeks to create long-lasting styles that draw on classic silhouettes like a military button-down shirt, as well as t-shirts, knits, and a range of accessories,” as the press text reads. Echoing the preoccupations of his time, Tawadros has decided to render as much of arv’s unisex selection in sustainable fabris as possible, including certified organic cotton and deadstock fabrics. Additionally, rather than following a typical seasonal schedule, arv releases pieces in a slow, thoughtful way. In this way, he is joining other Danish design names like Designer’s Remix and Soulland in pioneering a sustainable future for the fashion industry. We wish Tawadros a warm welcome back in the fold, and all the best for the future. It certainly looks greener.

For more information, see arv