Acne’s Blue Art

acne-studios-bla-konst-1Denim has been a cornerstone of Acne Studio’s rise to success since head designer Jonny Johansson, then but a member of the larger multidisciplinary collective ACNE, created one hundred pairs of raw denim jeans with red stitching and gave them away to friends and family. Acne became synonymous with quality jeans of the 00′s and 10′s, celebrated for their perfect fit, long durability, a subdued marketing –  in 2006, the redefined Acne Studio launched as a separate company and label. 11 years later, and a couple of denim trends later, Acne Studios is once again back to define how to wear our indigo, with the launch of Acne Studios Blå Konst. A sub-line of the main RTW, and translated as “Blue Art”, it will oversee all of Acne Studios’ denim production and investigate its possibilities echoing Johansson current interests and obsessions. “We have taken this step because I wanted to create a free space for us, running parallel to our regular collections. This is what Acne Studios Blå Konst will be. Our denim will be like a study, always evolving and moving forward,” the head designer commented. Going back to basics, Blå Kunst will permanently offer six styles of jeans; one baggy, straight and skinny style for men and the same for women – with an addition of denim jackets, shorts, and skirts. The first collection, looking at Swedish outdoor life, comes with a stylishly subdued campaign shot by American photographer and artist Collier Schorr, a real feast for the eye. Denim galore!


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