Acne Studio’s Modern Family


Jonny Johansson of Acne Studios has continued to refine and advance his idiosyncratic approach to doing fashion: what started as 100 pair of jeans is now a global, multi-disciplinary aesthetic enterprise that through clothes, images, and experiences tell a story of Nordic romanticism, nostalgia, and humor. The most alluring part of the Swedish brand is perhaps its  sincerity, and this shows no more than in their newest campaign for their collection of face motif apparel. We were blown away by their first campaign, which featured an Atlanta-based same-sex couple and their four adorable children in full Acne get-up – and for this drop, the brand continues their celebration of queer family configurations, with the inclusion of the Tasha Tilberg clan. An internationally renowned Canadian fashion model from the late 90s, Tasha Tilberg stepped away from the fashion scene in the 00s to raise her family in the Canadian countryside with her wife Laura Wilson. Their twins, Bowie and Gray, are now six, and together, they life life off-grid in tune with nature—which hardly couldn’t be in starker opposition to today’s fast-paced life in the city. “I am always fascinated by those people who move away from cities rather than to them,” Jonny stated about the project, which was shot shot by photographer Craig McDean. “They seem to gain something that I don’t have. That is inspiring. For me it is about connecting to nature; I find that feeling more and more rewarding.” The collection – which features sweaters, cardigans, and shoes in delightful summer colors – drops in stores today May 31st, alongside a free limited edition publication designed by M/M Paris featuring an exclusive interview with the couple. face-campaign-fw18-pr-2 face-campaign-fw18-pr-6

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