30 Seconds of Performance Art with Kendall Jenner

It’s not every day that the worlds of art and fashion meet — despite being closely related, the art world tends to snob away from the glitzier fashion folks. Indeed, art can seem somewhat exclusive or elitist for even the most trained fashion eye — as recent op eds will testify – but nonetheless, we’re of the opinion that art is for everyone, with the right mediation. In a time of social media and reality TV, what better mediator than Kardashian baby sis Kendall Jenner? The supermodel recently teamed up with American super-mag W and the NYC performance biennale Performa to enact the most joyful 30 seconds of performance art history for dummies. Featuring art world maestro RoseLee Goldberg as narrator, the video even includes a cameo from BFF Gigi Hadid. Finally, a viral video with both high and low cultural capital!

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