Wrangler’s Americana

It’s no coincidence that in the current moment of social and political crisis in America, where bigots and abuse of power prevails over democracy and transparency, fashion sees a retreat to an older, more romanticized idea of the USA – open pastures, college towns, road trips, deserts, and so forth. Leading the way is Raf Simons – a European – at Calvin Klein, but also Acne Studios, Luar and Telfar can be seen to reference the iconography of Americana, riffing Western movies while lovingly mocking it, critiquing it, and making it queer (don’t forget, idealized images of “old” America is also the political rhetoric of fascist Trump!). Our current favorite, however, is Wrangler, an apparel brand that doesn’t have to be “inspired” by America of yesteryear because they actually helped establish it (or, at least, dress it): since 1947, the company has been crafting the sharpest jeans for utilitarian workers as much as fashionistas, gaining them popularity across the world. Their F/W collection sees a group of kids running around in the woods of Idaho, while the collection features aesthetic cues from 1970s and 80s silhuettes. What’s more American than that? While Wrangler might not be able to single-highhandedly solve the political crisis in Washington DC, we’re feeling inspired by their reclaiming of an American identity. Wrangler_FW18_campaign_composition-5-landscape Wrangler_FW18_campaign_composition-8-landscape

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