Watch: The Art of Style

In this day and age, of Netflix and PirateBay, you may be more familiar with The Art of Binge-Watching than The Art of Style. The first is what you do in bed every time you’ve had more than 3 glasses of wine the night before, as well as most evenings in the months spanning October-April—the other is that fleeting thing that all of fashion evolves around, that thing that few posses, and even fewer manage to maintain. “Fashion fades, style is eternal” Yves Saint Laurent famously once said. Had he been alive today, we’re pretty sure he would have cancelled every online streaming memberships in his near vicinity—with the exception of a new fashion documentary series, which manages to capture the essence of fashion through the rapidness of the moving image. Art of Style, distributed by our favorite fashion channel M2M, is directed by Lisa Vreeland, fashion film maker and relative of the infamous Diana Vreeland (whose documentary, The Eye Has to Travel, she directed in 2011), and explores the creative worlds that inspire the world’s leading designers. In 10-minute episodes, we follow the creative director from the atelier to the streets, from fashion week to the library, and back again. Perfect for your lunch break, or a time-out in the bathroom hiding from your better half! The best part is: there are more than a dozen episodes. See the Iris Van Herpen episode above, and see more here.