Want: NO SHAME by Souvenir

We have been made to feel ashamed of our bodies, and in return, learnt to shame those of others. When Eve and Adam disobeyed God’s command their eyes were opened, they saw that they were naked. Feeling shame, they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves coverings. Today, the internet tells us to cover up and censor our bodies. It could have been such a paradise for us to play, express and push limits, a place where we could direct and curate ourselves. But we find ourselves reintroducing the modern day fig leaves; two little cherries, a star, a pink heart to carefully place on the parts we are told to hide.

Online, our bodies are so easily banned but in reality no body is illegal, we should all feel free to have no shame. To lift the shame off our shoulders, to get it off our chests, let’s dare to un-cover. Search for the openings, create the little gaps and holes; let heavy feelings whirl out and consent find a way in.

Enter NO SHAME, a new project from Berlin-based brand SOUVENIR, who first politicized fashion merchandise with their now-ubiqutous EUnify project. In a recent release, SOUVENIR expresses their wishes to take part in a focus on body positivity for all; ages, genders, colors and sizes. The hoodie itself is used as a symbol of riot and activism, made in black, white and different skin colors, it features a significant hole in a place we all share!

For more information, see Souvenir

Words by Anne Ulrikke Bak
Photos by Jakob Landvik