The New Tommy Heritage

TH_SS18_TommyJeans_Lookbook_Look01_Detail01“Heritage Fashion” has become one of the most definitive trends in the last couple of years. In an industry obsessed with its own newness, where the designer is expected to re-invent the silhouette 2-4 times a year (resulting in quite a bit of amnesiatic “borrowing” from each other, as reported by our favorite instagram, dietprada), it’s soothing to see brands diving into their own growing history. It started with pre-Raf Calvin Klein launching reviving the 1990s iconography through their #mycalvins campaign – while emerging Euro subversive brands like Vetements and Gosha Rubchinskiy initiated hyped collaborations with a series of iconic and forgotten brands from the romanticized 80s and 90s. Shortly after, both Miucca Prada and Donatella Versace unabashedly revisited their textile and accessory archives in celebratory new collections for both men and women. Of course, no one does self-indulgence better than the Americans, and one of the most iconic American brands of today is of course Tommy Hilfiger – and now, you’ll be able to enjoy a #throwback moment with the all-American designer as well. TH_SS18_TommyJeans_Lookbook_Look02With the launch of their Tommy Jeans 5.0 collection this week, Tommy Hilfiger revisits some of their most beloved iconographies from the past thirty years of fashion, but recontextualized through a millennial lens of simultaneous irony, sincerity, and awkwardness. Inspired by Formula 1 racing pit crews, and their familiar wardrobe of work wear, denim, and logo-heavy merchandise, the collection is characterized by a sense of immediacy, speed – both physical and temporal – while vintage tropes such as logos, bucket hats, and fanny packs run throughout. A pretty good proposal for the future of American casualwear, if you ask us — that is, while we wait for Heritage Marc Jacobs, Heritage Isaac Mizrahi, and Heritage Proenza….

TH_SS18_TommyJeans_Lookbook_Look08 TH_SS18_TommyJeans_Lookbook_Look16 TH_SS18_TommyJeans_Lookbook_Look01

Tommy Jeans 5.0 is available in stores and online from May 9th
For more information, see Tommy Hilfiger