Seymoure Launches Webshop

Seymoure_GK_042We get that you might feel fatigued after a rather rampant Black Friday and equally distressing Cyber Monday – but it’s our duty to make you aware of new fashion commodities as they become available. We never did believe in over-consumption – but we do believe in a pair of sturdy, classic sunglasses, which is exactly what Seymoure has been steadily supplying since their launch earlier this year. The German brand, headed by founder Olaf Kramolowsky and creative director David Mallon, combines the pragmatism of German industrial design with the quality of handmade manufacturing from Portugal – each frame encapsulates a contemporary aesthetic sensibility somewhere between 90s nostalgia and a cheeky 2010 malaise. Grandiose as much as they are simple, these frames leave a strong impact for your chosen on-looker – while UV light keeps your sensitive eyes protected. Seymoure just launched their online shop, just in time for the holidays – we suggest a careful browse, as you might never need to follow guides like this ever again.

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