My Room, Your Room, Her Room

Remarkably, it’s been 88 years since Virgina Woolf wrote her seminal A Room of One’s Own – an experimental form of writing that combined forms of fiction, political essay, and poetry in a profound reflection on women’s working rights. The creative potential of the liberated woman’s mind was exactly the starting point for fine jewellery brand Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen’s summer campaign, which takes the artist studio as a starting point as a space of freedom wherein the Lynggaard muse can unfold and explore the deepest creative corners of her mind. “Behind a woman’s busy schedule lies an entire universe of dreams and ideas that we long to live out. We have great loves and great ambitions. Plans of perseverance and of peacefulness. It takes a creative mind-set to find time to do your very best – and to dare live out all your aspirations,” explains designer and company creative director, Charlotte Lynggaard of the project – the daughter of Ole Lynggaard, she herself has fought hard to eventually take the creative reins of the family-owned company. Lynggaard’s vision is magically captured by the noted Danish photographer Anders Overgaard, whose work has featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and Vogue – and features model Mona Johannesson, whose captivating face has been the pride of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen for three years in the row. As for Woolf, we’re quite certain that her powerful prose will feel timely in the next 88 years to come.

For more information, see Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen

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