Louis Vuitton: Staple is the New Luxury

Luxury fashion is an ever-changing game, and with the recent explosion of the streetwear market, markets are constantly shifting. Today, Generation X’ers have been replaced by Millenials as the biggest consumer segment in fashion, while streetwear designers are making their way to the very top of fashion’s luxury job positions – most notably, Virgil Abloh. The Off White designer arrived at historic French house Louis Vuitton last year, and the first fruits of his labor are currently available in store. Beyond his re-vitalized vision of LV menswear, Abloh also just dropped an additional collections of “staples,” that is, “essential garments and accessories that form the foundation of a man’s dress components.” The collection has a pragmatic, functional and almost basic feel to it, as Abloh presents his take on menswear classic such as the overcoat, the blazer, the raincoat, the puffa jacket, the field jacket, the leather jacket, the denim jacket, and the track jacket – without too much fuzz, branding, or loud imagery. What may seem like a counter-intuitive strategy for a fashion brand that relies on the image of newness and continous renewal, it’s actually a clever tapping into the current changes of the male wardrobe: one where a core set of neutral basics (a good sweater, a nice jacket) are re-contextualized every season with fresh accessories that respond to the hype of the moment. Besides, what’s more luxurious than timeless pieces – those that don’t leave you embarrassed to wear after more than a couple of seasons? Defying all critics, Abloh knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to bringing LV into a new era – and towards a new generation of consumers.

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