Kiyoji Otsuji: Performance as Fashion


Inspiration can come from the strangest places: here, we take a closer look at the archive of photographer Kiyoji Otsuji.Otsuji, born in 1923 in Tokyo, Japan, was a photographer in the broadest sense. Shifting from commercial photography to graphic design to image-based conceptual art throughout his career, his appreciation for the photographic medium was unique. His work echoes and sometimes anticipates avant-garde and is characterised as highly experimental – both in his idiosyncratic approach to portraiture, but also in the highly fabricated scenarios he would depict. Finally, Otsuji was deeply immersed in to the art scene of Tokyo, and some of his finest work is his documentation of other performance artists (like above, documenting a work by Gutai collective.) Never at home in any category, his work, which rarely would be defined as dealing with clothes, is truly inspiring from a fashion point of view, and anticipates, in a way, much fashion photography that was to come. 6cf733642aa47259926212a8e98fdfde 95-1000x0 256dcf426c39d430db185783f524e8b7 e34ab763b8842c89d40b48ed679bfb58 fb22ff4925c3c76c27cdeff81db13765 fd6cc76d11d9460a40502111d8fa7780 Re_otsuji_web_10 re_otsuji_web_15 tumblr_l9zhnbQJML1qzfjaho1_1280