Hanni x HVISK Launches Sweatshirt Collab

image003Happy news. Model, collage creator and creative mind, Hanni Gohr, and jewellery and accessory brand HVISK are joining forces in a new collaboration launching this august. The result is a collection of three different sweatshirts inspired by Gohr’s creative universe and her year-long tradition #FridayFactsFromHan. The hashtag is used on Gohr’s Instagram post each Friday, and offers her followers just one little fact about any given theme – from whale’s farts to coastlines’ lengths. The sweatshirts come in three different colours; pink, blue and red, and each has its own fun fact written unedited on the back. On the front is a word linking to the back printed in block letters. ‘Cheeky’ doesn’t appear on any of the sweatshirts, but it doesn’t have to; it’s written all over the campaign, shot by Petra Kleis, a photographer with the same easy-goingness about her as both Gohr and Hvisk (what makes all three of them damn cute too). Washed denim, puffed sweatshirts and socks in sandals are what the models (Gohr’s best girl gang and step daughter) are wearing, and they look exquisite. Oozing well-being and surplus, I doubt they would do better in a cocktail dress. The collection launches the 30th of August with a celebration courtesy of Hanni and HVISK. The launch is held in the HVISK flagship store at 4 pm – 6pm, Pilestræde 36, 1112 CPH K.

Words by Mathilde Nielsen

For more information, see Hvisk