Filippa K, on Her 25 Year Anniversary

18-Flippa-HeadshotsContrary to popular belief, “Scandi chic” does not hail from the DNA of the Nordic people – in fact, we have a generation of designers to thank from that, most of all Filippa K. For 25 years, the Stockholm label have been produced effortlessly chic and comfortable clothing that feels seasonless and timeless – factors that are important not only for great taste, but a sustainable wardrobe. Having long been an upper high-street favorite (the brand boasts 50 brand stores around the world), it is indeed sustainability that has become Filippa K’s new point of pride, radically transforming the way they produce, distribute and recycle clothing, while aiming for a 100% sustainable collection by 2030. Earlier this year, the brand saw the return of their founder and creative director Filippa Knutsson to steer its creative future. What’s life like at 25? Find our conversation below.

Tell us about Filippa K from the beginning…
From the beginning, Filippa K has been about helping people feel confident and comfortable in their clothes. The stretch jean was our icon product in the first collection – Autumn Winter 1993. It helped to put us on the map in Sweden, and represented our minimalistic mindset of making pieces that last in your wardrobe beyond seasons (in both style and quality), therefore eliminating the need for over-consuming.

How has the idea behind FK Jeans evolved over time?
Our jeans have always had the classic denim essentials with a Scandinavian purity and simplicity that eliminates unnecessary details. They are comfortable and friendly to the female body and feel like a part of you, almost like a second skin, once you have them on. Over the years these ideas have remained at the core of our philosophy, and with the FK Jeans relaunch we’re embodying this attitude by using our know-how to introduce new cuts and styles with a nod to our 90s roots and a recognition of our Swedish heritage.

Why did you decide to relaunch FK Jeans?
25 years is an exciting milestone for the brand, and I feel proud of our accomplishments as I return as Creative Director. Now that I am more personally involved with Filippa K again, I am bringing to the forefront our signature freshness, comfort and femininity for women and classic masculinity for men. FK Jeans is a perfect opportunity to celebrate our 25 years, inspired by the jeans that started it all and focused on these defining aspects of our identity.


What do jeans mean to you and your idea of the modern wardrobe?
Jeans fit perfectly within our overall mission of creating a functional wardrobe of pieces that people need and love wearing over and over again. Denim is a part of our everyday lives, and a wardrobe staple that can be used as a base from which you can mix and match the rest of your closet. For many people today the lines are blurred between casual and smart, and FK Jeans are adaptable for the office, evenings, lounging, or travelling. They’re a go-to solution that you don’t have to think about – easy, simple, and timeless.

What is your proudest moment from Filippa K’s past 25 years?
When I reflect on the past 25 years, I am most proud of building a brand of substance. Filippa K has held true to the values and philosophy we set at the very beginning, and has succeeded without compromising its beliefs. Our presence has grown in Sweden and internationally, we’ve employed many people over the years, and we’ve never lost sight of why we started in the first place. I’m proud to be a part of these efforts, and eager to continue representing the brand in evolving ways with such a strong foundation.


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