DANSK Loves Simone Lorusso

“I try to portray contemporary stories,” says Simone Lorusso, Italian photographer, content creator and creative director. After graduating in Digital Communication and Fashion Photography from Milan’s IED Academy, he broke his way into industry as a freelancer. Years of hands-on experience led him to build a noteworthy client profile, collaborating with labels such as Prada, Cartier, Moncler, Aspesi and Fay to name a few. His collage work stands as an example of his remarkably holistic thought process: blending powerful imagery often monochromatic and juxtaposing bold typography and three-dimensional objects over vast monotone surfaces. That urge of confinement in space is what I personally found most provocative, because gaps leave room to envision, and most times, question one’s self.

Lorusso’s creative philosophy revolves around multimedia experimentation, without limiting to a practice using a specific medium. He mixes the pictorial influence of photography blended with collage, two amongst dozens of techniques by him used within his chosen creative processes. I use imagination to create something,” says Simone. This fact is undeniable. The beauty of his vision has a predominant liaison with the abstract world of ideas that only his intuition is able to clearly define.

His photographs are driven by an undefinable minimalist dynamism, enriched by a strong eye for still-life composition and photographic poetry. An impeccable sense for detail and abstractness flow like boundless threads within his portraiture. Further fascination of his lies on the emerging youth wave: the concepts of rebellion and the idea of “fraternity”, both of which hugely impacted his work. These topics have utterly immersed his perception, to the point where they became key themes to unveil in his final major project at university. “I feel that one can delve into this topic considering the past, with a close eye aimed at the future” he explains. “Every era has managed to have its own identity in this respect.”

With a sublime vision, he regularly investigates individuality depicted in Dutch art, derived from artists such as Ari Versluis, Trisha Brown and Will Dorner – who questioned the ideal of destruction through individualism. A rebellious “minimalist hybrid”, who claims to not yet own a clear style, manages a daily fruition towards something intangible – through the means of photography and abstract artistry.

The answer to his questions? Still to be defined.

Words by Chidozie Obasi