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Navy_Cream_Stripe_copyThe domestic and the street-savvy meets in the world of Nufferton, the emerging brand from Sweden specialising in ‘contemporary loungewear’. A new pajamas, you might be wondering? Yes, but moreso for the streets than you bedroom, as Nufferton emphasises elegant shapes, great quality, and forward-looking design. Born in Stockholm amongst graphic designer friends, their first lookbook was shot by Nina Holma and sets the bar high for collections to come. We sat down with creative director Henrik Düfke to know more about social media, sleeeping, and Japanese workwear.
What is your history as a designer –  and what made you come together to form something new?
Felipe and I, the Creative Directors of Nufferton, aren’t traditionally schooled fashion designers but come from a graphic design background. After having worked as a creative team at ad agencies in London and New York, we had the urge to create our own thing, an expression, a culture, a brand where we don’t have to compromise our creative vision. Besides being a loungewear label, we use Nufferton as a platform to combine our interests in fashion, design, art, film, photography and music. We’re already in production with a few different collaborations, including a short film and a music track, which will be released over the next few weeks.
Unisex pyjama label – how did that start? What was the initial idea behind Nufferton?
The idea started with just that – the word ‘pyjamas’. Not loungewear, sleepwear or leisurewear but the old weird name ‘pyjamas’. It’s a wonderful garment, but completely forgotten. It’s had a really awkward place within the world of fashion and style, it’s been a guilty pleasure, which is something that we love. So we saw a huge creative opportunity in both product an  branding. But perhaps the real reason we started this project is that we can’t even imagine wearing jeans at home.
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What do you think is the relevance of loungewear today – and its applicability beyond the bedroom?
Loungewear is probably more relevant than ever. 15 years ago no one could see the clothes you wore at home. But with the birth of social media we’re never ‘private’ anywhere anymore. We’re constantly sharing our lives with our friends, whether you’re at the bar or doing your laundry. You could say that the street is now in your bedroom. That’s why we’d like to think of ourselves as a loungewear brand with the mindset of a streetwear brand. Besides, in times when we’re so career obsessed and overworked, it’s probably a good idea to have a uniform that marks a clear distinction between your time at work and your time at home.
What is the origin of the Nufferton name?
On our logo it says “Dreamed up in Stockholm” and it’s partly because the name literally came to us in a dream. It really doesn’t mean anything but it felt kind of good in our gut. The only somewhat rational explanation would be that when coming up with a name we wanted something uncool – and Nufferton was the most uncool name we could come up with.
Which fabrics have you used for your first collection, and is quality important to you?
Quality is super important. All our fabrics are 100% cotton, designed by us and produced in Portugal. We have a huge love, and respect, for the craft. And looking at our Swedish heritage, we have a tradition of doing things properly here. But we have intentionally not made ‘quality’ part of our brand story. When making clothing today, prioritising craft and quality is such a no-brainer, it shouldn’t even have to be communicated.
Do you design by intuition, or does historical research inform your work?
We design by intuition, we go with our gut. We design the clothes from a graphic designer’s point of view and I think it probably shows in the product. They’re all graphic, colourful, genderless, functional and simple. We haven’t taken much inspiration from other pyjamas but have rather been inspired by Swedish minimalism, by street culture, by Japanese and British workwear. But it’s not a strategy, it’s just what we like to wear ourselves.
How has the brand developed since your launch? Securing stockists etc?
We launched two months ago and it’s been quite a journey already. We’ve more or less sold out our first collection, next one drops in September. We have launched our ‘Nufferton Homeys’ photo series and our ‘Profound Posters’, we have a bunch of other projects coming up which we’re quite excited about. This fall we’re also starting to do wholesale. The plan is to work exclusively with one retailer in each major city and we have just partnered up with APLACE, our favourite stores here in Sweden.
What has been the biggest challenge starting your own brand?
 We’ve clearly taken on a quite big challenge. When you start a sneaker brand, you know there’s already a massive fan base and a global community to tap into. You can’t really say the same about PJs. We’re trying to move an entire category that has been, excuse the pun, sleeping for decades. But with that said, our biggest challenge is also our biggest opportunity.
Hopes and dreams for the future?
Our aim is to find a new stage for the garment and put it in new contexts. We want to take it out of the bedding section at department stores and into indie fashion retailers like APLACE, out of women’s magazines and into credible fashion magazines like DANSK. And more generally, we’re hoping to become the most interesting, and undefinable, brand and company you could work for.
For more information, see Nyfferton.com
Lookbook photography: Nina Holma, styling: Gorjan Lauseger, make-up: Martin Sundqvist, hair: Catherine Lehtonen, model: Xueru Lu (Mikas) and Agnes Sandberg (Le Management)