Autumn Art Guide: “Naked” by Rankin @ Kunsthuis Amsterdam

MR0155RRGB2_PRINTThis week, our authoritative autumnal art guide moves to Europe, first stop the grand new photo exhibition Naked by Rankin. The trailblazing British fashion photographer came out of the non-conforming 80s in Thatcher-era England, where he, just out of college, founded the iconic fashion periodical Dazed & Confused alongside Jefferson Hack. Rankin thus spearheaded a new era of millenial fashion publishing, one that extends to today, with Dazed Digital having established itself as one of the leading platforms for fashion and culture in the world. Rankin himself, meanwhile, has continued to refine his own photographic practice, which is proven in his new exhibition at Kunsthuis Amsterdam. Here, Rankin is seen returning to the most classic motif of all image-making: the nude. Drawing from the history of fashion photography, as well as articulating his own preoccupations with nudity as it intersects with sexual expression, Naked toys with our public and private notions of the uninhibited human body. No excuse, in other words, to make your way to the Dutch capital – just as you can look forward to an in-depth interview with the transgressive British image-maker in the upcoming issue of DANSK.
Rankin – “Naked”
November 11th – December 17th