Art Guide: Marie Sloth Rousing @ Black Store

At last year’s Copenhagen Fashion Week, there was one moment in particular that left the roaming clientele gagging. The newly revived Designer’s Nest, showcasing the best of Nordic fashion graduates, opened its show with a large, unassuming textile pattern placed on a metal stretcher, when suddenly, a model literally walked through it, arms first, effectively ripping it down and transforming it to a wearable garment in a manner of seconds. The author behind the genius gesture was Marie Sloth Rousing, a graduate from KADK in Copenhagen – and unsuprisingly, she was named as the 1st prize recipient only a few minutes later. 6 months later, Rousing is one again ready to present her defiant fashion sculptures – this time in an exhibitionary context.

Jumping off her graduate collection Transformable Wardrobe, Rousing will present an exhibition inside Copenhagen’s Black Store exploring what we expect from clothing, while asking questions about garments and their limits. Through transformable garments that come alive by incorporated roller blinds, umbrellas and slap wraps, the project seeks to demonstrate how we are affected by the everyday products around us. Curated by fashion theorist Ane Lynge-Jorlén, Transformable Wardrobe will surely serve as a intellectual pallet-cleanser during the frenzy of Copenhagen Fashion Week – it might even make you re-think what fashion is entirely.

Marie Sloth Rousing – Transformable Wardrobe
Black Store, Gl. Kongevej 105
Reception 22 January, 5-7 pm