Art Guide: “David Bowie is” @ Brooklyn Museum, New York

2018_David_Bowie_is_1_Album_cover_shoot_for_Aladdin_Sane_1973_v3_DRAFT_4_2000wEven though it’s been well over a year since the passing of David Bowie, we still haven’t recovered. The British singer and rockstar was a genius much beyond what usually is allowed for in the fields of music, entertainment, fashion, even art, in that he transgressed all these categories. Bowie created a cultural myth that was transgressive in its form as much as its politics. Bowie gender-fucked before RuPaul; he did techno before Kraftwerk; and switched personas before Lady Gaga (even Madonna), and is one of the very few who straddles God-like status in both the mainstream and the underground. Bowie was finally subject to a large retrospective exhibition in 2013 at the V&A in London, presenting a vast  selection of objects and material from his personal archive, including more than 60 custom-made performance costumes,  handwritten lyric sheets, oil paintings, as well as a compilation of his many iconic media appearances, including 40  music videos, television clips, and filmed roles. The show has traveled the world without break, and now finally arrives at New York’s Brooklyn Museum, which will constitute the exhibition’s last institutional home. Roaring queues are guaranteed; so book your ticket in advance. You’ll probably rarely get to see this stuff again.

David Bowie is
March 2–July 15, 2018
Brooklyn Museum