Acne Studio’s Queer Family

acne-press-images-2(1)If last season’s “Best Campaign” award went to Calvin Klein’s meta-textual escapade into the American desert, the Fall prize has uni-vocally been snapped up by Acne Studios. The Swedish RTW brand have been making brand- and design-related changes in the last couple of seasons, having launched most recently their revitalized jeans line, Blå Konst – and now, a new sub-line devoted to the house’s characteristic face motif – which has made appearances here and there in Acne garments for several seasons – has officially been launched, and that being with quite a bang. For the campaign, creative director Johnny Johansson reached out to Atlanta-based gay couple Kordale Lewis and Kaleb Anthony – who document their lives as a same-sex fathers of color on their popular Instagram page, which frequently features their beyond adorable four children, Desmiray (10 years old), Maliyah (9), Kordale Jr (8) and Kaleb Jr (6 months). “I have been thinking about families for a long time,” says Johansson of the incentive. “Since Acne Studios started as a collective, we would see each other as a family back in the days. I therefore wanted to portray households of today, in all constellations—this is how we found Kordale and Kaleb. How does the face motif fit into all of this? Well it’s just an ordinary Swedish citizen. Not too happy, not too sad, but somewhere in between. Lagom in Swedish. Like me.” Dutch fashion photography duo Inez and Vinoodh captured the family in their hotel room when visiting New York for the weekend – and captures them, dressed in Acne Studio’s characteristic shirts, in a lovely chaotic scene that will surely resonate among families of all kinds. Kudos to Acne Studios for not only supporting gender and sexuality diversity, but giving  space to them in the global media image! Enjoy the full campaign below.

acne-press-images-1 acne-press-images-7 acne-press-images-6 acne-press-images-3 acne-press-images-4

The collection is available in Acne Studios stores and on

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