A Closer Look at MAROON WORLD Vol 2: Smile Now, Cry Later

tiff&kyleWhat would mean for a fashion magazine to be queer and realized entirely by POC (People of Color)? What may seem like a rudimentary question remains in fact an urgent one in the field of fashion publishing. POCs have long fought a battle of representation in the shiny spreads of mainstream fashion magazines, but diversity is often championed as a superficial trope in fashion photography without wrestling with the deeper structural issues in the fashion industry relating to access and tokenism. How can publishing accommodate the diverse experience of being a person of color in today’s militant world? New York-based magazine MAROON WORLD have been devoted to exploring the many assumptions and issues within this vast theme since their launch in 2016. Combining art, culture, and genre-expanding photography, the team behind the magazine draw attention to the struggles and celebrations that unify people of color across ethnic and social origin. The second issue, which launched last week in New York with music by Joey Labeija, and GHE20G0TH1K founder Venus X, sets out to capture love in all its complexity; what it means to us, how we see it play out behind closed doors, the various faces that love parades as, and the opportunities that exist in our communities to give and receive love – to others and to ourselves – at all levels,” as founders Travis Gumbs & Cynthia Cervantes explain. “While working on the second issue we both suffered great losses, each of us losing a grandparent within just a few months of each other. The rituals of death pushed us to reconsider how we were experiencing love through the lens of loss. As our grief intersected with our work, we came to believe that strength and resilience are at the true heart of giving and receiving love.”

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